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5 Tips to Know When Sewing With Chiffon Fabrics

Chiffon is one of those fabrics that often comes across as being intimidating, difficult, and has just a big caution sign saying to stay away!! I mean when you think about, its slippery, frays fast, doesn’t hold a press well, etc. etc. The list to stay away is long but I‘m gonna share some tips to help you feel a little more comfortable with creating with chiffon.

Now there are different qualities and contents of Chiffon. From silk, to polyester, its different weights, and characteristics like all other textiles. These tips will be great for all chiffon fabrics so lets start with tip 1.

  1. Tissue paper will be your friend! We do this trick a lot with lightweight knit by placing some tissue paper under your fabric along the feed dog to help the fabric not to get stuck or “eaten” by the machine. That’s tip will work for chiffons too, and also hold both the needle and bobbin threads as you begin stitching.

  2. Sharp Tools Only! I know you know this already but I had to mention it just in case. Chiffon fabrics fray, and depending on the contents of your fabric, it may fray a lot or a little but it will fray. To help reduce some of the fraying, cut with sharp tools only. New blades, and sharp shears are the way to go. Once you have your pattern pieces cut out, be gentle and don’t manipulate your fabric too much.

  3. Needle! Change your universal needle and grab a new MicroTex Sharp Needle. Depending on the weight of your fabric, test out a 60/8 or 70/10.

  4. Shorter Stitch Length! This is the time to go down from the standard 2.5 stitch length. Your default/standard stitch length my be different from mine but go down to a smaller stitch length for Chiffon. A 2.0 is a good place to start and of course test to make sure your happy with it. You also do not want to back stitch and topstitching is not recommended.

  5. French Seams! French seams will be best for finishing off your seams for chiffon fabrics. It will give your garment a beautiful, and professional finish.

I hope these tips will ease some if any intimidation you had for Chiffon fabrics and push you to give them a try! So many beautiful garments can be created with them. From tops, to skirts and dresses with lining, to swimsuit cover up pieces and more!

We just added some beautiful new chiffon fabrics to our store and you and shop and start creating now!

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